Computer Science Department Activities, Projects, and Responsibilities (2013-14)

This archival page has been superseded by a more recent list of tasks and responsibilities.

The computer science faculty actively engage in activities and projects within Grinnell College, the Science Division, the department, and other areas. This page serves as a reference and contact list for many of these activities. Since all faculty are actively engaged in teaching, this page does not include specific activities related to classes, course development, or other aspects of teaching.

  • Contact the relevant faculty member if you have questions or comments regarding any of these activities.
  • Contact the department chair if you have questions about the department, organizational matters, or other areas not covered in this listing.

College Level

Science Division Level

Department Level

  • Department Chair: Henry M. Walker
    • Supervision of departmental assistant(s)
    • Development of faculty-staff teaching assignment
    • Creation of class schedules
    • Supervision of graduation breakfast (with Science Secretaries)
    • Promotion, tenure, contract renewal reviews
    • Merit reviews
  • CS Assessment Coordination: Henry M. Walker
    • Reminders regarding exit interviews
    • Identification, posting of learning outcomes
    • Coordination with the College's Office of Analytic Support and Institutional Research (OASIR)
  • Department Web Site: John David Stone leads, all CS faculty contribute
  • Communications Liaison: John David Stone, Henry M. Walker
  • Computer Science Museum: Henry M. Walker
  • Computer Science Table: Samuel Rebelsky
  • Diversity Initiatives:
    • Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing: Janet Davis
    • Richard Tapia Celebration of of Diversity in Computing: shared interest
  • Picnic (coordinated with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics): Jerod Weinman
  • Placement of Incoming Students: Samuel Rebelsky, Henry M. Walker
  • Pledge of Computing Professionals: Janet Davis
  • Senior Lunch and Awards: Samuel Rebelsky
  • Social Media Liaisons: varies according to activity
  • Study Abroad in Budapest: Janet Davis
  • Supervision of Mentors, Lab Assistants Jerod Weinman
  • Thursday Extras: John David Stone