Glimmer Labs: Computing for Social Good in CS2

The Glimmer Labs pages are currently under development.

Computing for Social Good in CS2, aka CSG-CS2 is a project of Grinnell College's Glimmer Labs. In this project, we are developing resources to include topics of computing for social good in the CS2, the introductory course in data structures and algorithms. (At Grinnell, CSC207, Object-Oriented Problem Solving and Algorithms, corresponds to the traditional CS 2 course.)

In our first version of the CSG-CS2 course, we are using Ushahidi as a component of the course. Students will use a local Ushahidi installation as the source for data and will build a simple Ushahidi installation for clients towards the end of the semester.

The student researchers currently working on CSG-CS2 include Spencer Liberto, Lea Marolt Sonnenschein, and Daniel Torres.

Further information is forthcoming.

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Glimmer Labs

The Glimmer Labs pages are currently under development.

The Grinnell Laboratory for Interactive Multimedia Experimentation and Research, aka "Glimmer" aka "Glimmer Labs" is a research laboratory in the Department of Computer Science at Grinnell College. Samuel A. Rebelsky serves as the director of Glimmer Labs, which has a host of student researchers.

Current Research Projects

Glimmer Labs currently supports two primary research projects. In the Mediascripting project, we are building tools and resources to explore interactive scripting of media applications. While our emphasis is on using functional approaches to scripting, we support a variety of languages and paradigms. In the CSG-CS2 project, we are building a curriculum for data structures and algorithms that emphasizes computing for social good.

Historical Information

From 1997 to 2006, the research focus of Glimmer Labs was interactive hypermedia, particularly targeting the World Wide Web. The three main projects of Glimmer Labs at the time were Project Clio, a suite of resources to gather and analyze information about student Web usage, SiteWeaver, a tool suite for building Web sites, and TrailBlazer, a tool set for annotating and linking arbitrary Web pages. All of those projects have been discontinued.

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