Placement of incoming students in computer science, mathematics, and statistics

The faculty in computer science, mathematics, and statistics at Grinnell College devote considerable attention to advising incoming students about where they might best begin their coursework. As part of this effort, both faculty and students participate in an on-going research project which uses techniques of artifical intelligence in decision making. While final placement decisions are always the result of discussion between students and faculty, an expert system may be helpful in suggesting possible placements.

In order to utilize this expert system, you may enter appropriate scores into the following table. Leave any box blank, if that information is unavailable.

Scores on National Tests:

Standardized Tests: Math SAT Math ACT
Advanced Placement(AP): Calculus AB Calculus BC
Computer Science A Computer Science AB
International Baccalaureate (IB): Math Computer Science
Total Math Semesters Math Grade
Calculus Semesters Calculus Grade
Pre-Calculus Semesters Pre-Calculus Grade
Computer Science Semesters Computer Science Grade
Statistics Semesters Statistics Grade


  • The placement expert system analyzes only high school transcript information and various standardized tests; courses taken at colleges are considered in a later phase rather than by the expert system.
  • All placements given are unofficial and should be considered tentative. As already noted, students consult with faculty whenever questions arise concerning placement.
  • While Grinnell College will not record your inquiry in any way, neither your data nor the response will be transmitted in encrypted form. Thus, as with passing of data over the Internet, there may be some risk that another party will be able to capture all or part of the data transmitted.
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