How to reach us

telephone: +1 641 269 3169
fax: +1 641 269 4285 and +1 641 269 4984

US mail:
Department of Computer Science
Noyce Science Center
Grinnell College
Grinnell, Iowa 50112-1690

private delivery services:
Noyce Science Center
1116 Eighth Avenue
Grinnell, Iowa 50112

How to find us

Take Interstate 80 to Iowa; keep going until you reach exit 182. Taking the exit, drive 0.4 miles and turn left (north) onto Highway 146 (which is called West Street when you get into town). Drive 3.8 miles into town. Turn right (east) onto Eighth Avenue. Proceed three blocks (0.4 miles), crossing Main Street, Broad Street, and Park Street. In the middle of the long block that follows you'll see the Rosenfield Center on the left (the north side of the street) and the Noyce Science Center, where we are, on the right (the south side).

As you enter the Noyce Science Center from Eighth Avenue, you find yourself in a long north-south corridor (the "1800 corridor," because all the rooms along it have numbers of the form 18xx). Turn left and walk to the (north) end of the corridor. At that point there are stairs to your left, through a pair of double doors, and there is an elevator about fifteen steps to your right, a little way down the 1500 corridor. Take either to the third floor, where there is another long north-south corridor, the 3800 corridor. That's where you'll find us.

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Grinnell College campus maps and directions

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