Contacting the instructor

Instructor: Janet Davis
Office: Science 3809
Phone: x4306
Office hours: Posted weekly on my door; you may also email me with 3-4 possible times for an appointment outside of office hours. See also my Google calendar.

Please come by during my office hours to discuss course content, get extra help, or just talk about how the course is going. Note that if multiple students have similar questions or issues, we may work together as a group. If you cannot attend a scheduled office hour, you may also email me to schedule an appointment; please include 3-4 possible meeting times so I can pick one that works for me.

I enjoy getting to know my students, but I generally prefer to reserve office hours for academic and advising matters. If you would like to have a more informal conversation, I would be delighted to accept an invitation to lunch, or you may join me for my daily walk. (See my calendar outside my door.)

Email is also a reliable way to contact me, but please allow 24 hours for a resonse (except on weekends, when I do not read email as regularly). You may also call me in my office (641-269-4306, or x4306 on campus).

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Created January 19, 2007
Last revised January 13, 2012