Final Exam

Due: noon, Thursday, December 20, 2007

Summary: Reflect on ideas learned in the class in essay format.


In an essay of approximately 2000 words, discuss (a) how you applied the ideas from our two main texts to the final project, and (b) how you would approach the project differently if you could do it over, based on what you have learned from the texts and from your experiences. You might also consider ideas from the articles you read or other ideas we discussed in class.

Note that I care about both the content and the form of the essay. Your essay should not only show that you've mastered and can apply a variety of concepts from the course, but it should do so with standard grammar, a central thesis, and a logical flow of ideas.


I plan to grade this exam anonymously (to the extent possible). Please type your exam. Include a cover page with your name on it. Put your box number on every page (including the cover page).

If you plan to pick up your exam (and would therefore like detailed comments), please include a note to that effect on the cover sheet of your exam.

Academic Honesty

This examination is open book, open notes, open mind, open computer, open Web. However, it is closed person. This means you should not talk with other people about the exam. Other than that limitation, you should feel free to use all reasonable resources available to you (especially the textbooks and your notes). As always, you are expected to turn in your own work. If you find ideas in a book or on the Web, be sure to cite them appropriately. (Yes, that includes your textbooks.)

Although you may use the Web for this exam, you may not post your answers to this examination on the Web (or at least, not until after the due date). You may not ask others to put answers on the Web. 

There are two exceptions to the "closed person" rule. First, you may ask me any question you like; if the question is not appropriate I will refuse to answer. You may email your question, come to my office, call me in my office (x4306), or call me on my cell at reasonable times (206-383-8798). Second, you may use the Writing Lab to help you improve the quality of your writing.

You must include both of the following statements on the cover sheet of the exam. Please sign and date each statement. Note that the statements must be true; if you are unable to sign either statement, please talk to me at your earliest convenience. 

  1. I have neither received nor given inappropriate assistance on this examination.
  2. I am not aware of any other students who have given or received inappropriate assistance on this examination.

Because different students may be taking the exam at different times, you are not permitted to discuss the exam with anyone until the due date has passed.

Turning in your work

Please turn in a printed copy of your essay with your name on the cover page and your box number on every page. You may slide the exam under my office door if I am not there.

Please also email me a copy of your exam, just in case.


You say you want to grade the exam anonymously, but I want to say things about my experiences that I'm sure you will recognize. Should I avoid saying those things so it is anonymous?
No. Write about whatever you think is most important. The anonymous grading is an experiment; if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. I will do my best to grade everyone fairly regardless.
Is it OK to write about myself in the first person ("I"), or is that too informal?
Absolutely, you should use the first person ("I") when you write about yourself.  (In fact, I think it's a bit dishonest to use the editorial "we" to describe one person's experience.)
Is it OK to write more than 2000 words?
Yes, but keep it within reason: say, no more than 10% (200 words) over.

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