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    Reading Journal: Course Web

    5 p.m., Friday, January 23
    Read the course Web site: http://www.cs.grinnell.edu/~davisjan/csc/232/2015S/.
    Submitting your work
    Please post your response as the first entry in your reading journal on PioneerWeb. If you have not done so, read the introduction to the reading journal. If you have any difficulty creating a journal entry, please email me.
    Each student should turn in his or her own answers to the questions below. However, you may certainly sit with other students as you review the course materials and answer the questions. You may discuss the assignment with anyone you wish. You may obtain help from anyone you wish, but you should clearly answer that help.
    I will evaluate this assignment on the scale presented in the syllabus.
    This reading journal entry is atypical in several ways. First, there is an unusually large number of questions; usually I will ask only 2-3 questions in total. Second, there is an administrative matters that needs to be promptly dealt with. Finally, I have some questions to ask about you and your background, as well as about the reading.

    Part A: About the Course

    Write at least one sentences and at most one paragraph in response to each of the questions below.

    1. What sentence in the syllabus most surprised you? Please quote, and indicate which section the quotation is from. Why did you choose that sentence? [prioritization]
    2. In your own words, what do you need to do be successful in this class? [translation]
    3. Think of a class that you've taken that had some policies or learning activities similar to this course. Explain how they are similar. [analogy]
    4. Confirm that you have read and understood the Academic Honesty Policy for CSC/PSY/TEC.
    5. Why do you think I gave this assignment?
    6. What questions do you have about the course that aren't answered by the course Web site?

    Part B: About You

    1. What do you like to be called? What pronoun do you prefer?
    2. What is your major and who is your advisor?
    3. What courses have you taken that seem relevant to this course?
    4. What other courses are you taking now? (Please give titles as well as numbers.)
    5. What do you hope to learn or gain from this course?
    6. What are your concerns about this class?
    7. What is something important to you outside of academics? (For example, family, friendships, belonging to a sports team, playing a musical instrument, ...) Write a few sentences about why it is important to you.
    8. What questions do you have about me that haven't already been answered?

    Janet Davis (davisjan@cs.grinnell.edu)

    Created January 19, 2015
    Last revised January 21, 2015

    Acknowledgments: This assignment is adapted from previous assignments given by me, Sam Rebelsky, and Jerod Weinman. Question 13 is adapted from an exercise reported by Claude Steele in Whistling Vivaldi (2010).

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.