Because much of our work in this course involves discussion and problem solving, you will be evaluated on your participation.

Participating in class involves

Students who regularly meet these criteria can expect to earn 90% (an A-) for their participation grade. I will reward students who regularly provide significant insights or guide discussion in productive ways with a higher participation score. Any students who fail to participate regularly or who participate in counterproductive ways (e.g., by dominating the conversation, making irrelevant comments, or belittling others) can expect to earn a lower score.

Of course, being present is key to participation.  One unexcused absence (your "oops" day) will have no effect on your participation score. Missing 2-5 classes will reduce your participation score by 10%. Missing 6 or more classes will reduce your participation grade by 25%.

To have your absence count as excused, you must either (a) ensure that I receive documentation of the circumstances of your absence from Health Services or Student Affairs, or (b) contact me to make suitable arrangements at least a week in advance.  In particular, students on sports teams should provide me with their game schedules as soon as possible.

Because I care about you, if you do miss class unexpectedly, I would appreciate a quick call or email as soon as you are able.  Don't be surprised if I email to make sure you are OK.

When you do miss class, it is your responsibility to talk to a classmate about what you missed and then to see me to discuss any further questions or concerns.

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Created January 17, 2007
Last revised January 19, 2007