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Date Topic Reading Lab
Mon 01/21 Martin Luther King Day    
Wed 01/23 Introduction Introduction Linux Basics
Fri 01/25 C Overview Overview of C and Scribbler2 Elementary C Programming with Scribbler2
Mon 01/28 Program Development Program Development Program Development
Wed 01/30 Project (none) Project 0: Program a Song (due 2/6)
Fri 02/01 Types and Variables Types and Variables Types and Variables
Mon 02/04 Quiz on first module;
Models of Computation
Models of Computation Models of Computation
Wed 02/06 Conditionals Booleans and Conditionals Conditionals (Lab write up required due 2/11)
Fri 02/08 Loops Loops Loops
Mon 02/11 Quiz;
(none) Project 1: Conditional Looping Motion
Wed 02/13 Functions Functions Functions
Fri 02/15 Pointers Functions and Pointer Parameters Functions and Pointer Parameters
Mon 02/18 Arrays Arrays Arrays
Wed 02/20 Program Testing and Debugging Program Testing and Debugging Program Testing and Debugging
Fri 02/22 Preprocessor Preprocessor Preprocessor
Mon 02/25 Quiz;
Pseudo-random Numbers Project 2
Wed 02/27 Integer Representation Integer Representation Integer Processing
Fri 03/01 Hour Exam 1
Mon 03/04 Floating-point Representation Floating Point Representation Floating Point Number Representation
Required lab writeup due 3/11
Wed 03/06 Bitwise Operations and Unions Bitwise Operations Bitwise Operations and Unions
Fri 03/08 Quiz;
Characters and Strings
Characters and Strings Characters and Strings
Mon 03/11 Reading Data Reading Data Reading Data
Wed 03/13 Character I/O Character I/O Character I/O
Fri 03/15 Project None Project 3: Following Commands
3/16 - 3/31
Spring Break    
Mon 04/01 Structures Structures Structures
Wed 04/03 Two-dimensional Arrays Two-dimensional Arrays Two-dimensional Arrays
Required lab writeup due 4/10
Fri 04/05 Image Processing Image Processing Image Processing
Mon 04/08 Quiz;
Function Pointers (optional) Project 4
Wed 04/10 Dynamically Allocated Memory Pointers and Malloc Pointers and Malloc
Fri 04/12 Scheme-like Lists Scheme-like Lists Scheme-like Lists
Mon 04/15 Linked Lists Linked Lists Linked Lists
Wed 04/17 Hour Exam 2
Fri 04/19 Program Management Program Management Project Management
Mon 04/22 Project Project 5
Wed 04/24 Stacks and Queues Stacks and Queues Stacks
Fri 04/26 Queues (array implementation) Queues Queues with Arrays
Mon 04/29 Queues (linked list) Queues Queues with Linked Lists
Required lab writeup due 5/6
Wed 05/01 Project Stack Variants Project 6
Fri 05/03 Quiz;
Command-Line Arguments
Command-Line Arguments Command-Line Arguments
Mon 05/06 File I/O File I/O File I/O
Wed 05/08 Project Project 7: Robot Logger
Fri 05/10 Wrap-Up