Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 97F)

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Assignment Eight: Puzzle Solving

Summary: In this assignment, you will (1) develop your own Puzzle and Move interfaces, (2) build a puzzle that implements those interfaces, (3) extend the puzzle-solver we developed in class, and (4) use it to solve your puzzle(s).

Collaboration: You can work on this assignment in groups of up to size three. You may discuss your design with any size group. You may also work with each other on general debugging issues.

If you work as part of a group, you are responsible for ensuring that all members of the group understand all sections of the assignment.


Build a puzzle-solver that permits the user to specify whether stacks or queues are used in determining solutions and show how it solves a puzzle or puzzles of your own choosing. I would suggest the following components

I'd recommend developing the interfaces early, so that I can provide some feedback. We may discuss the interfaces in class later this week.

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