BIO/CSC 295 2011F Bioinformatics


Further details on a variety of readings. For many of these readings, you will write a short response paper.

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Baggerly 2010
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Supp. Info:
Supp. Info:
Krings et al. 1997
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Schweitzer et al. 2009.
Mary H. Schweitzer, Wenxia Zheng, Chris L. Organ, Recep Avci, Zhiyong Suo, Lisa M. Freimark, Valerie S. Lebleu, Michael B. Duncan, Matthew G. Vander Heiden, John M. Neveu, William S. Lane, John S. Cottrell, John R. Horner, Lewis C. Cantley, Raghu Kalluri, John M. Asara (2009). Biomolecular Characterization and Protein Sequences of the Campanian Hadrosaur B. canadensis. Science 1 May 2009: Vol. 324. no. 5927, pp. 626 - 631 DOI: 10.1126/science.1165069

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