Owning the Intangible: Possession, Theft, and (Mis)Appropriation of Ideas

Followup to Class 4

Presented in no particular order.

In case it wasn't clear: We will continue to meet in Saints Rest until fall break. If there is an exception, I will let you know in advance.

Your reading homework for class 5 (Tuesday, 8:00 a.m., Saints Rest) is as follows:

You should also revise your paper on copyright and links for Tuesday's class. You need only bring one copy. You should also email me a copy.

If you use my advice in revising your paper, you need not cite that advice. (You may, however, wish to add an acknowledgements section to the paper.)

Please bring back the edited papers to return to your classmates so that they may keep them for their editing portfolio.

I will bring more yellow separators to class on Tuesday.

If you are unlikely to make it to class on time, you might find it useful to call me so that I don't have to call you.

Disclaimer: I usually create these pages on the fly, which means that I rarely proofread them and they may contain bad grammar and incorrect details. It also means that I tend to update them regularly (see the history for more details). Feel free to contact me with any suggestions for changes.

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