Owning the Intangible: Possession, Theft, and (Mis)Appropriation of Ideas

Followup to Class N

For Tuesday, look at a few of the Steve Kurtz materials and consider whether you see value in meeting with him when he comes to town.

Your main homework for Tuesday:

Yes, that's it for your assignments. I haven't assigned more because I'd like you to spend some time thinking carefully about your topics. Misc. Assignment 6 has some starting places.

Remember: You'll be working on your topic for about ten weeks, and the group will be visiting your topic multiple times in those ten weeks. Please pick something that will maintain your and our interest. (But, yes, it does need to be related to intellectual property. It can' t simply be about "Shopping for music in animated sports video games" or something similar.)

If at all possible, get your topics to me by 10 p.m. on Monday night so that I can put them together in a document and distribute them.

Don't forget that men's football is playing on Saturday somewhere in the wilds of Illinois (but not too far from here, only 2.5 hours) and that women's tennis is playing at Coe on Saturday (about an hour from Grinnell) and at home on Sunday. Go out and cheer on your fellow tutees!

Remember: Grinnell faculty can be somewhat extreme in their expectations about academic honesty. You help avoid penalty by (a) citing carefully; (b) making it a habit to include an acknowledgements section, so that it's clear that your intent is not to deceive; (c) starting work early, so that problems are not raised by last-minute work; and (d) talking to faculty about their expectations.

Here are some potential topics that were presented in class today:





Try to get me drink orders in advance. (I'll send you a reminder on Monday.)

I think that's it.

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