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SIGCSE 2001:  February 21-25, Charlotte, NC  USA  

The 32nd Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education

February 21-25, 2001

Charlotte, NC   USA

Theme: Towards Excellence in Computing Education

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SIGCSE 2001 continues the fine tradition of SIGCSE Symposia, bringing together those interested in working towards excellence in computing education. SIGCSE 2001 fosters person-to-person interaction, complementing the innovative SIGCSE Bulletin Inroads, Paving the Way Towards Excellence in Computing Education. For SIGCSE 2001, roads lead to Charlotte for all interested in computing education: students, faculty, administrators, managers, technical staff, and other professionals.

You are invited to participate!

SIGCSE Symposia foster excellence through a diverse range of sessions and interactions.
Please consider submitting a proposal for a SIGCSE 2001 Session for:
Papers Panels Workshops Special Sessions
Committee Reports Birds-of-a-Feather Faculty Posters Student Research Doctoral Consortium

Submission Deadline Summary:

Other Important Dates

Papers describe a classroom experience, teaching technique, curricular initiative, or educational research project
While not required, electronic submissions are encouraged.

Contact Persons: Judith Gersting,, and Renee McCauley,
Deadline Page Limit What to Send
Friday, September 8 5 pages Electronic Cover Sheet
Full version (with full author information) (using formated postscript, pdf, or hardcopy)
Anonymous version (using non-formatted html or formatted hardcopy)[for html, ok to submit html file as created by word processor from formatted version]
In the case of electronic submission, a formatted version of the anonymous version may also be submitted in postscript or pdf (optional)
For more detailed information on formatting requirements, follow the links from .

Panels present multiple perspectives on a topic of interest

Contact Person: Tim Long,
Deadline Page Limit What to Send
Friday, September 8 2 pages Description of topic with brief position paragraphs from panelists
See for more details.

Workshops provide an in-depth review of a topic of interest, designed to be immediately useful in the classroom

Contact Person: Lisa Meeden,
Deadline Page Limit What to Send
Friday, September 8 2 pages Description of technical content
Can be for half day or full day
See for more details.

Special Sessions a new session category for SIGCSE 2001, special sessions provide a flexible format for the presentation or discussion of material. Some possible special sessions might include a tutorial or seminar to introduce a new topic, a report from an ACM committee, a series of papers related to a specific theme. Sample topic areas might include management of large classes, teaching computer science in high schools with a block-schedule, experiments on collaborative learning, report of an ACM committee addressing issues at two-year colleges, special issues arising when teaching computing outside North America.

Contact Persons: Wanda Dann,, and Chuck Leska,
Deadline Page Limit What to Send
Friday, September 8 2 pages description of the technical content, with outline. If several combined papers are to be presented, the papers also should be submitted.
See for more details.

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions provide an environment for colleagues with like interests to meet for informal discussions

Contact Person: Venu Dasigi,
Deadline Page Limit What to Send
Friday, November 10 1 page Statement of topic, its significance or relevance, the expected audience for the BoF session, and who would lead the discussion (with affiliation and brief summary of qualifications and experience in the topic area).
See for more details.

Faculty Posters Describe teaching materials or work-in-progress

Contact Person: Judith Williams,
Deadline Page Limit What to Send
Friday, November 3 2 pages Description of teaching materials or status report on research project
See for more details.

ACM International Student Research Contest Run as a separate ACM activity, the ACM International Student Research Contest provides a forum for student researchers to present their work. Prizes are awarded in both undergraduate and graduate divisions.

Contact Person: Ann Sobel,
Deadline Page Limit What to Send
Friday, October 13 2 pages See ACM International Student Research Contest for details.

Doctoral Consortium Run as a separate SIGCSE activity, the Doctoral Consortium provides a way for students enrolled in a Ph.D. program to meet with each other and with faculty to discuss issues relevant to their graduate work and future academic careers. Students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program are encouraged to participate in this Consortium. Activities will include interaction with established researchers, interaction with fellow students, information sessions, discussions on the process and lessons of doctoral research, and short presentations of each participant's research with constructive critiques by participating faculty and other students.

Contact Persons: John Lewis, or Vicki Almstrum,
Deadline What to Send
Sunday, November 19 See for details.

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