CSC 299/499 Grinnell College Fall, 2014  
Scribbler 2 Bluetooth
with C
Scribbler 2

Semester To-do List

Task Status
Revise approach for movement commands
(left/right versus angle/distance)
not yet started
Implement non-blocking versions of commands
  • movement
  • sound
not yet started
Create interesting examples/demonstrations using multiple robots not yet started
Implement camera commands
  • determine data structure (perhaps struc with array)
  • take picture
  • review manipulation/access commands
  • conversion to/from jpg
  • display
  • save
  • load
not yet started
Revise documentation for Javadoc format not yet started
Update CSC 161 materials not yet started
Poster not yet started
Plan/present Thursday Extra not yet started
Paper not yet started
Examine/fix command to retrieve battery level not yet started
Port MyroC to Macintosh platform not yet started
Port MyroC to Windows platform not yet started
General distribution
  • launchpad?
  • Submission of material to regional, national, or international conference?
not yet started
created 25 August 2014
revised 25 August 2014
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