CSC 161 Grinnell College Fall, 2013
Imperative Problem Solving and Data Structures

CSC 161 Module 001 Project: Robot Motion

Grading Form Name(s):

This grading form expands the Program Style Summary and Checklist that applies to all program development in CSC 161.

This project will be worth 25 points, based on the following rubric:

The program can write actions to a file. (5 points)

The program can read back the actions file and perform those actions in order as listed in the file. (5 points)

The program can be executed with the -w (write) flag and the -r (read) flag. (5 points)

There are at least 10 different robot actions supported, with either standard i/o or command-line input supported (5 points)

Code is well documented, reasonably efficient and well-structured, and example command files are given. (5 points)

Neatness and conciseness of code
(no points earned, but difficulties could deduct points)

Form updated: 26 October 2013