Placement of Incoming Students in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics

Placement of Incoming Students

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by Grace Philipp, Elizabeth Reischmann,Lauren Cantley
from CSC 151, Fall, 2009

The mathematics/statistics and computer science faculty want to work with each incoming student to determine an appropriate placement that reflects their unique background. This Web site can help start dialog regarding placement. Any final decision concerning placement in courses may involve discussion among the student, his or her advisor, and the mathematics/statistics and computer science faculty. Generally, the placement process involves these steps:

  1. In consultation with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the computer science faculty make a preliminary placement recommendation, based upon results of standardized tests and the high school transcript.
  2. Upon arrival on campus, the student reviews this preliminary placement with his or her advisor.
  3. If the transcript is incomplete, if the student believes another placement might be more appropriate, or even if the student feels slightly nervous about the placement, then the student may talk with a faculty member for a detailed discussion of placement.
  4. Final placement comes from the consensus reached based on discussions with a student's advisor.
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by Jiabei Tony 2010
from CSC 295,
Spring, 2009

Specific Placement Information

The Department of Computer Science maintains an expert system to provide tentative placements in computer science, mathematics, and statistics based on your test scores and transcript.

We encourage you to check your tentative placement. Feel free to contact us for additional information.