CSC 499 Grinnell College Summer, 2011
Using Robots in CSC 161: an Exploration

Using Myro/Scribbler 2 Robots (from the Myro Project) with a Course on Imperative Problem Solving and C

Public Announcement

Resources (software, modules, readings, labs, projects) are available for the use of Myro/Scribbler 2 Robots for a semester-long course on imperative problem solving with the C (not C++) programming language.

Specific materials include:

In short, a full lab-based course is available at the URLs given above. For teachers considering how to incorporate robots within the context of imperative problem solving and C, these materials could provide the basis for much of a full semester.

This material has evolved from a summer project, in which I worked with four collaborators on incorporating the Scribbler 2 robots into our CS2 (Imperative Problem Solving with C) --- a course that follows CS1, Functional Problem Solving with Scheme). Since we use a multi-paradigm approach for our introductory courses, students in our CS2 have experience with functional problem solving, but this is the first time they have encountered imperative problem solving. In some ways, therefore, these students will have background about general issues of computer science; but in other ways these students are starting at the very beginning with imperative problem solving.

Since this material is intended for students with no previous experience with imperative problem solving or C, it seems possible that this might be useful in other settings as well. I invite you to link to this material or download it and edit (please maintain the "created by" line, change "last revised by" to "revised by", and add your own line for "last revised by").

Educators are encouraged to contact Henry Walker with questions and comments.

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