Allowable Help from Peer Educators

CSC 161 - Imperative Problem Solving and Data Structures - Weinman

The Computer Science Department provides evening tutors and class mentors to help you with computing problems. However, in CS 161, the role of these assistants is limited on some assignments, as discussed below.

1   Help allowed on all assignments

For any assignment (e.g., laboratory exercise, project, or supplemental problem), a tutor or mentor is allowed to provide help to: Of course, following the rules for academic honesty that apply to all academic work at Grinnell College, help obtained from any source must be cited in all assignments. See the syllabus for additional guidelines.

2  Help allowed on laboratory exercises and projects

In addition, groups working on collaborative tasks (e.g., laboratory exercises and projects) may ask tutors or mentors for the following: In short, groups may ask tutors or mentors for assistance on any aspect of a laboratory exercise or project, but of course, all help obtained from any source must be cited.

3  No additional help on homework assignments

Under no circumstances should a tutor or mentor be asked related to any homework assignment problem. As a general rule, a section of code that is four or more lines long-perhaps even less when the logic is particularly complex- will be considered substantial. In sum, tutors and mentors may answer only short questions that have short answers. If you have any doubts about the matter, please speak with the instructor first.
Adapted from The Role of Tutors For Computer Science 161 by Henry Walker. Used by permission.