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CSC 161 Imperative Problem Solving and Data Structures Spring 2019

The most current reading appears at the top. (Readings are posted in reverse chronological order and appear here a day before class.)

Wed 04/17 Program Management
Mon 04/15 Linked Lists
Fri 04/12 Scheme-like Lists
Wed 04/10 Pointers and Malloc
Mon 04/08 Function Pointers
Fri 04/05 Image Processing
Wed 04/03 Two-dimensional Arrays
Mon 04/01 Structures
Wed 03/13 Character I/O
Mon 03/11 Reading Data
Fri 03/08 Characters and Strings
Wed 03/06 Bitwise Operations and Unions
Mon 03/04 Floating-point Representation
Wed 02/27 Binary Integer Representation
Fri 02/22 Preprocessor
Wed 02/20 Program Testing and Debugging
Mon 02/18 Arrays
Fri 02/15 Functions and Pointer Parameters
Wed 02/13 Functions
Fri 02/08 Loops
Wed 02/06 Booleans and Conditionals
Mon 02/04 Models of Computation
Fri 02/01 Types and Variables
Mon 01/28 Program Development
Fri 01/25 Overview of C and Scribbler2
Wed 01/23 Introduction
Jerod Weinman
Created 3 August 2015