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CS Department Responsibilities, 2020–21

The computer science faculty actively engage in activities and projects within Grinnell College, the Science Division, the department, and other areas. This page serves as a reference and contact list for many of these activities. Since all faculty are actively engaged in teaching, this page does not include specific activities related to classes, course development, or other aspects of teaching.

Contact the relevant faculty member if you have questions or comments regarding any of these activities.

Contact the department chair if you have questions about the department, organizational matters, or other areas not covered in this listing.

College Level

Committees that require a representative from Computer Science

Chair, Department of Computer Science: Samuel A. Rebelsky

Web Governance: Jerod Weinman

Instructional Support Committee: Peter-Michael Osera

Science Division Level

General Science Major: Samuel A. Rebelsky

Hendrixson Fund: Charlie Curtsinger

Noyce Visiting Professor Committee: Samuel A. Rebelsky

Science Division Personnel Committee: Jerod Weinman

Facilities Management Liaison: Jerod Weinman

MathLAN Advisory Panel: Charlie Curtsinger

Department Level

Department Chair: Samuel A. Rebelsky

  • Supervision of departmental assistant(s)
  • Development of faculty-staff teaching assignment
  • Creation of class schedules
  • Faculty recruiting
  • Promotion, tenure, contract renewal reviews
  • Merit reviews
  • Regular meetings with Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC)
  • Paperwork from Dean’s office
  • Faculty mentoring
  • College catalog entry
  • Review transfer credit requests
  • Budget

Assessment Coordinator: Barbara Johnson

  • Reminders regarding exit interviews
  • Identification, posting of learning outcomes
  • Coordination with Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR) and the Center for Teaching Learning and Assessment (CTLA)

Communications Liaison and Webmaster: Charlie Curtsinger and Samuel A. Rebelsky

Computer Science Museum: Henry M. Walker, Jerod Weinman

Computer Science Commons: CS SEPC

  • Make sure there’s water in the coffee pot.
  • Straighten.
  • Wash stray dishes.

Joint program with UIowa: Jerod Weinman

Placement of Incoming Students: Samuel A. Rebelsky

Pledge of the Computing Professional: Jerod Weinman

Study Abroad in CS: Jerod Weinman

  • Maintain list of study-abroad programs relevant to CS
  • Maintain list of course equivalents in those programs
  • Advise students on study-abroad options
  • Coordinate with Off-Campus Study office

Supervision of Peer Educators (Mentors, Lab Assistants, Tutors): Sarah Dahlby-Albright

  • Train mentors, evening tutors, individual tutors, graders
  • Prepare lists of responsibilities for peer educators
  • Prepare picture list of peer educators
  • Recruit students for peer-educator positions
  • Interview prospective peer educators
  • Work with faculty to assign peer mentors to classes
  • Prepare schedule of evening tutors
  • Assign individual and small-group tutors to students
  • Read and respond to reports from individual tutors, evening tutors, and mentor sessions
  • Gather data on usage of peer educators

Diversity initiatives

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing: Nicole Eikmeier, Fernanda Monteiro Eliott, Sarah Dahlby Albright, Sarah Barks

Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing: Samuel A. Rebelsky, Fernanda Monteiro Eliott

Women and Gender Minorities in Computing: Nicole Eikmeier

Diversity Reading Group: Fernanda Monteiro Eliott and Samuel A. Rebelsky

Social activities

Computer Science Table: Peter-Michael Osera and Fernanda Monteiro Eliott

  • Pick readings
  • Advertise (coordinate with ASA)
  • Lead discussions

Graduation breakfast: Samuel A. Rebelsky (with Science ASAs)

Picnic: On hiatus

Senior Lunch: Samuel A. Rebelsky

Study Breaks: CS SEPC

Thursday Extras: Jerod Weinman