Assignments are due at 10:30pm on the day listed below. Please submit all requested work via PioneerWeb. See the syllabus for policies on collaboration and late submissions.

HW 0
Who are you? What is going on here?

due August 31

HW 1
Circuits and Gates

due September 7

HW 2
Combinational Logic

due September 14

HW 3
Build a 4-bit ALU

due September 21

HW 4

due September 30

HW 5
Power and Performance

due October 7

HW 6
MIPS Assembly

due October 16

HW 7
Advanced MIPS Assembly

due November 2

No HW 8
There is no assignment 8

due November 9

HW 9
Datapath Models

due November 16

HW 10
Datapath, Pipeline, and Hazards

due November 23

HW 11
Caches and Virtual Memory

due December 7