Assignment 2: Networking Fundamentals

Assigned: Friday, Apr 8, 2016

Due: Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 at 1:00pm

Collaboration: Complete this assignment with your assigned partner. You are expected to work collaboratively, not divide up the assigned work. You may use your classmates as a resource, but please cite them. Sharing of complete or nearly-complete answers is not permitted.

Submitting Your Work: Submit your answers to me by email before the due date. You can submit your work in the body of the email or in an attachment. Please CC your partner on the email.


  • Marcel and Daniel
  • Bazil and David Ca.
  • Helen and Jerry
  • Albert and Aleksandar
  • Uzo and Otabek
  • Evan and Alex
  • Kumar and Nick
  • Shaun and Michael
  • Moses and Reilly
  • Mari and Hamza
  • Dave and Sarah
  • David Ch. and Fengyuan


To receive full credit, you must show your work and use appropriate units in your answer and derivation. Clearly indicate your final answer in your submitted work.

Problems start on page 70 of your textbook, and are available in the online version of chapter 1.

  1. P7
  2. P12
  3. P21
  4. P24
  5. P31