Assignment: Weekly Writing 2

Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017
Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017
You are expected to submit your own writing. If you use outside resources (including our course texts) you must cite those sources.


In this weekly writing, you will revise the argument you submitted for weekly writing #1 using feedback from your peers. Along with your revised writing, you will submit your peer-reviewed original and a brief explanation of the changes you made to your work.

For each peer suggestion, you should either incorporate a change or explain why you chose not to change your writing in response to your peer’s suggestion. Your explanation of changes should include a summary of the changes you made and any justifications for omitted changes.

Submitting Your Work

Your writing assignment is due next Tuesday. You must submit your work in two forms:

To submit your writing electronically, email it to me with the subject [TUT 100] Weekly Writing 2. Include your writing as an attachment, or link to a Sharepoint or Google document that gives me permission to provide comments on your writing. I must receive your email before class on the due date.
Hand in the marked-up original version of your work that includes comments from your peers. You do not need to print your revised writing.