Assignment: Weekly Writing 5

Thursday, Oct 26, 2017
Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 by 5pm
You are expected to submit your own writing. If you use outside resources (including our course texts) you must cite those sources.


In this weekly writing you will prepare for preregistration by thinking carefully about your interests and goals in the context of Grinnell’s open curriculum. This essay will serve as the basis for our preregistration discussion. You should feel free to set ambitious plans in this essay; I understand (and expect) that your interests may change while you are a student at Grinnell, so I will not force you to adhere to the plans you lay out in this writing. Still, do your best to think carefully about your current goals for your liberal education and express them here.


The core of this weekly writing will build on the six elements of a liberal education), which is assigned reading for our next course. After reading this document, answer the following question:

Over your four years at Grinnell, how do you expect to complete each of the six elements of a liberal education?

Identify one of your interests with a connection across multiple elements of a liberal education, and explain why this interest can draw on multiple elements of a liberal education. This interest may be an intended major, a career ambition, or simply something that is important to you.

At some point in the essay, please identify six courses you could take next spring, and explain how each course fits within the curricular goals you have set for education at Grinnell. You should use the academic catalog to find courses that will actually be offered in the spring. When you select courses, please make sure you have satisfied the prerequisites, and that your first four courses do not overlap.


Your final written work should be 2–3 pages of text in an 11pt serif font (e.g. Times New Roman) with 1.5 line spacing and one inch margins. You should include a title (be creative), your name, and the subtitle “Weekly Writing 5” on the first page of your writing.

As with all work for this course, you are required to cite your sources. Please include both inline references and a list of references in MLA format at the end of the document; this will make it clear what sources you used and which ideas come from others’ work. While it is somewhat less likely that you will rely on sources beyond the required reading for this assignment—it is about your own interests after all—I encourage you to look around for resources that may offer guidance or cautionary tales about pursuing an education at a liberal arts college. Your bibliography does not count against the page limit. If you have questions about how or whether to cite a source, please contact me or make an appointment during office hours.

Submitting Your Work

Your writing assignment is due at 5pm on Sunday, November 5th. Plase email it to me with the subject [TUT 100] Weekly Writing 5. Include your writing as an attachment, or link to a Sharepoint or Google document if you prefer.