Reading Journal 2

Monday, Apr 16, 2018
Friday, Apr 20, 2018 before class
You may discuss the reading with other students in the class, but you should not discuss your responses with anyone until our in-class discussion.
Send your responses to the instructor by email using the subject [CSC 213] Reading Journal - Boehm.


As you work on your final projects for the course, we will look at a few research papers in operating systems. This is an opportunity to identify important issues and creative approaches to those issues in the research community, but also a chance to see how systems work is motivated, presented, and evaluated.


We will use the same general format for each of the remaining research papers. Please answer each of the questions below.

Question 1: Problem and Approach (3–5 sentences)

What problem is this work trying to solve? How did the authors solve it? You cannot include all the detail in the paper, so identify the key insights that you believe are critically important to the authors’ approach.

Question 2: Strengths and Weaknesses (4–5 sentences)

Given your understanding of the system and its evaluation, what are the positive and negative attributes of this approach? Describe at least four points, with at least one negative and one positive.

You should focus on strengths and weaknesses in the system the authors describe, their general approach, the evaluation, limitations of the work, or broader applications that you think may be possible. This is an evaluation of the work, not the paper; that means issues with spelling, grammar, or technical language are not directly relevant to this question.

Question 3: Questions (2–3 sentences)

Include at least two questions about this work. If you have questions about technical language or other points of confusion you can include these here, but you must ask at least two substantial questions about the work itself.