Mini Labs

In addition to our larger weekly labs, we will complete a few small in-class labs. These are generally collaborative, and only contribute to your participation grade in the class. These labs are meant to give you hands-on experience with topics we’ve covered in class, and should help you prepare for the larger labs that make up a larger portion of your grade. The list below shows all of the planned mini-labs for the semester, although I may add to this list during the semester.

Mini Lab: Gitting Started
  • Assigned January 22, 2018
  • Due January 22, 2018 by 10:30pm
Mini Lab: Debugging
  • Assigned February 5, 2018
Mini Lab: Networking
  • Assigned March 9, 2018
Mini Lab: Networking
  • Assigned March 9, 2018
Mini Lab: Intro to GPUs
  • Assigned April 6, 2018
Mini Lab: CUDA Memory
  • Assigned April 9, 2018