Project: Report

Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
Monday, May 14, 2018 by 10:30pm
You must work collaboratively with your project group to complete your report.
Send your report to me in an email as a PDF attachment by the due date. Please copy your group members on the email.


Your report must give an overview of your system, describe the design and implementation of the system, and finally present an evaluation of your work. This report should cover all of the information from your in-class presentation, with an additional level of detail. A report that earns an A would include sufficient detail for me to re-implement your system without seeing your code or presentation, while also conveying the high-level ideas underlying your system.


Your report must include the following sections.

Project Overview

Give a brief overview of your system’s design, the high level points of your implementation, and summarize your evaluation strategy and results. Your overview should not exceed 400 words.

Design & Implementation

The design and implementation section should explain the structure of your system and, importantly, the rationale for that structure. Design decisions include details like the data structures and algorithms you used, the places where you used concurrency or decided to run code on the GPU, and any libraries you may have used for your implementation.

Try to organize this section in a top down manner: introduce the major components of your system, outline the responsibilities of each component, and then jump into the specifics of each component. You may want to repeat this process for sub-components if there are reasonable logical divisons within the major pieces of your project.

Another strategy for organizing this section would be to break it down by concerns. System concerns include updating a file index in response to a file deletion, maintaining game state over a network connection, or other general requirements that may not map to specific units of code in your system. If you can identify a handful of high-level concerns it may make more sense to discuss the overall implementation structure and then describe how each concern fits into this structure.

Your design section should be approximately two pages of text, plus figures where appropriate.


You are required to present an empirical evaluation of your system. The details of this evaluation will depend on your project topic, but there are a few common requirements. First, you must describe the experimental set-up; this includes the hardware and software you are using for the evaluation, versions of any important software tools (including libraries), and the methods you use for gathering data (e.g. we measure execution time using the time command). Then, you should measure an appropriate aspect of your system’s behavior while varying some aspect of the load on your system or its environment. Make sure your evaluation section explains what you are trying to measure and discusses an interpretation of your results.

For a file indexing project, you may want to measure the time it takes to issue a query as a function of the total size of the files in your index. For a project that uses a GPU, you might want to explore how varying block size changes the performance of your system. Do your best to pick an evaluation dimension that fits with your project goals; if the objective is to make a particular computation faster, then measure the speed of that computation. For some projects the evaluation will be less natural. I am happy to discuss this with you.

Your evaluation section should include at least one graph with a minimum of 8 data points relating to your system (16 if you compare to another system).