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CSC 341: Automata, Formal Languages, and Complexity Theory
Spring 2019

Class Activities


For every day of class, I will give you a short reading to prepare you for the topic-of-the-day. You are expected to finish this reading before class begins.

Class Meetings

Most of our class meetings will feature in-class activities, e.g., discussion and group exercises, designed to help you play and explore the various mathematical definitions we study in this course.


The bulk of your practice comes from the weekly homework which contain problems that test your knowledge of the material as well as give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge to in different contexts. We will accept typed as well as hand-written submissions. If hand-written, scan your work, compile it as a single pdf (or any sort of image file) and upload on the pioneer-web course account.

Class Presentation

By 04/18/2019, you will form a group of two (your choice) and pick an NP-Complete problem to study. You will have to notify me as each group should work on different problems. We will dedicate two classes (05/01 and 05/03) when you will be presenting the problem that you and your group member studied.


Finally, to ensure that you have adequately mastered the core concepts of the class, I will conduct two in-class examinations as well as a final.