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HW 0

  1. You should have received an invitation to join Cloud 9 ( Accept that invitation. Note that you can create only one private workspace on Cloud 9; use that only for your community project. It’s fine if you do your homework in a public workspace.

  2. Please set up accounts with the following services.

    a. - Version control

    b. - Version control

    c. - MOOC

    d. - Communication

    e. - Learning

    f. - Task management

    g. - Deploy rails apps

    h. - AWS cloud services

  3. Message me on the course slack channel.

  4. Email your ids for the various services to the mentor and to me. Title your message “CSC 321.01 2018S, HW 0: Set up accounts (Name)”. Please replace “Name” with your name and do not include the quotation marks.

The content of the message should look something like the following

Name: Samuel A. Rebelsky
GitHub id: rebelsky
Bitbucket id: rebelsky
Slack id: rebelsky
Trello id: rebelsky
Heroku id: rebelsky