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HW 5: A static site (Hartl, Chapter 3)

I expect that this assignment should take you about two hours.

Warning! This assignment relies on Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is in transition. Please use the traditional Cloud 9, if possible. I’ve included notes below to explain of the primary differences.

Your primary task

Do all of the exercises in Chapter 3 of Michael Hartl’s _The Rails Tutorial. You will then answer some questions on those steps. You may find it useful to read the questions in advance.

  1. Please share your GitHub or Bitbucket repo with me. (My GitHub username is rebelsky and my Bibucket username is either rebelsky or

What to submit

Send me answers to the following questions in a message entitled “CSC 321.01 2018S, HW 5: A static site (Hartl, Chapter 3) (Name)”. Please replace Name with your name.

  1. What is the URL of your Cloud 9 instance? (E.g.,

  2. What is the URL of your GitHub or BitBucket repo?

  3. What is the URL of your Heroku application?

  4. The suggested refers to Where does that latter file come from?

  5. In connecting your local repo to Bitbucket, you issued a pair of commands like the following.

     git remote add origin
     git push -u origin master

    Explain the four parameters to the first git command and the four parameters to the second git command.

  6. Right after Listing 3.5, Hartl tells you to use the following git command.

     git commit -am "Add hello"

    What command(s) should you use instead if you want to be safer (and thereby follow my standards)?

  7. At the start of section 3.2.1, Hartl tells you to issue the following command.

     rails generate controller StaticPages home help

    What files does that command modify and add? What changes are made to the modified files? What seems to be the purpose of each added file? (Note that you may have to finish the chapter to understand most of the purposes; it’s okay to say “Not referenced” for some of them.)

  8. Hartl has you look for exact text in the page title, using commands like

     assert_select "title", "Home | Ruby on Rails Tutorial Sample App"


     assert_select "title", "Home | #{@base_title}"

    But what if we only want to assert that the title contains a particular word? Rewrite the assertions above to check if the title contains the word "Home". Your assertion should hold whether the title is "Home | Ruby on Rails Tutorial Sample App" or "Home | Sample App" or "Sample App | Home" or even "I Want To Go Home".

    Note that you may not find the answer in Hartl; you’ll have to do some further exploration of the details of minitest.

  9. The tests given in Listing 3.30 are not yet DRY in that the bodies are nearly identical. Rewrite the code to make it more DRY.

  10. What did you write for the missing text in Listing 3.42?

Some notes on using the “traditional”

  1. You will continue to work in the workspace directory rather than the examples directory.

  2. Don’t forget that you start the rails server with

rails server -b $IP -p $PORT

Some issues you may encounter

You may find that minitest gives up when it encounters an error, rather than continuing with the remaining tests. Don’t worry; chalk it up to “I need to fix the code!” But make sure that all the tests pass by the time you are done.