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CSC 321.01, Class 10: Extending your Rails application (1)


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Extra credit
    • Questions
  • Work time!


News and notes

  • I brought food.
  • Alumni mentors visit Wednesday. Please try to clear lunch time, 4pm for their talk, (and 1pm, if possible).
  • We’ll talk about code smells and legacy code in a few weeks. I may bring the code I had to work with this weekend. I spent over four hours tracking down a bug (in part because it was so badly designed).
  • I think I’ve fixed the schedule.
    • Links are to eboards rather than outlines. (Future links don’t work.)
    • Changed due dates of assignments.
  • Mentor sessions Tuesday and Thursday.

Upcoming work

  • Hartl 5 due Tuesday at 10:30pm.
    • Extend by two days. Please break up your work.
    • I still need to find a three-hour block to write that assignment.
    • Python people should find an alternative.
    • You will have time to work on it on Monday.
  • Hartl 6 due Next Tuesday at 10:30pm.
    • Extended by a few days. Please break up your work.

Good things to do (Academic/Artistic)

  • Two cool shows in the Faulconer.
  • Islam week events this week.
  • Megan Goering design talk on Tuesday at 7pm.
  • Wednesday visitors.
  • Deej the movie this Thursday at 7pm in Harris.

Good things to do (Other)


Work time

If there’s a missing procedure, it may be from the prior chapter. Sorry.