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Reading : User stories

This work is due by 9:00pm on Thursday, 8 February 2018.

  1. Read sections 7.1-7.5 of the SaaSbook.

  2. Watch at least one SaaSbook video for those sections in “full attention” mode. You should only have the video on the screen. You should have no distractors. You should have a notebook and writing utensil in hand. You may watch at whatever speed you consider appropriate.

For the journal send an email message to me titled “CSC 321.01 2018S Journal for Day 9 (Your Name)” (without the quotation marks) and with answers to the following questions.

  1. Describe the standard form of a user story.

  2. Why do user stories have a standard form?

  3. SpamR is a service that gathers email that people send to the csstudents mailing list. Write a user story for SpamR from the perspective of a student, faculty member, or other appropriate group.

  4. The CS course planner is a service that allows students to track planned offerings of courses in the CS department and the department chair to track likely demand for those classes. Write a user story for the CS course planner from the perspective of the deparmtent chair, a faculty member, or a student.

  5. What confused you the most about the reading on user stories? Explain the issue as best you can. Then explain your remaining confusions.